Reliable developers are hard to find

I’m Andy, and I build software. I specialize in:

  • Custom software for specific business needs. If you have an idea that can make your small business better, I can help.
  • Landing & sales pages
  • Subcontractor support for WordPress & other agencies

Unlike many other freelance developers, I do not disappear: I get my projects done on time, within budget, with frank communication throughout the whole process.

I’ve built several fully-featured software products for industries ranging from specialized medical services to nonprofit databases. If it runs on the web, I can help you build it.

If your agency has an overflow of development work (frontend build outs, WordPress customization, etc), I can help you get caught up and turn projects around quickly.

How can I help you?

I am currently booking for March 2019.

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How Can I Help?
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Psst…Do you maintain WordPress sites?

One of the worst parts about managing WordPress sites for clients is doing updates. Something¬†always breaks, and it’s so much work to test every site & every page after every update.

The second worst part is when clients break something on their site and they expect YOU to fix it.

What if you could automatically test WordPress sites and see what changed? Then you wouldn’t have to manually check everything all the time!

I’m building WPAutoTest to make maintaining WordPress easier. If it sounds interesting, check it out: